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Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Arrow goes forward only after pulling in to backward.

Ten Commandments for Peace of Mind

1. Do Not Interfere In Others' Business Unless Asked
Most of us create our own problems by interfering too often in others'
affairs. We do so because somehow we have convinced ourselves that our way
is the best way, our logic is the perfect logic and those who do not conform
to our thinking must be criticized and steered to the right direction, our
direction. This thinking denies the existence of individuality and
consequently the existence of God. God has created each one of us in a
unique way. No two human beings can think or act in exactly the same way.
All men or women act the way they do because God within them prompts them
that way. There is God to look after everything. Why are you bothered? Mind
your own business and you will keep your peace.

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

SuperModel Satellite

ROARING TO GO: Artists’ impression of the Gravity field and steady-state Ocean Circulation Explorer(GOCE) satellite which is scheduled to lift off from Plesetsk later on Monday. GOCE, described as the most beautiful satellite ever built, is dedicated to measuring Earth’s gravity field and modelling the geoid with unprecedented accuracy and spatial resolution

Sunday, February 26, 2012

A place to dream...!

A place to dream...!

Saturday, February 25, 2012

vantages of blood donation

As per below artile blood donation improves your cholestrol level, blood pressure level, get rid of excess iron, saves someones life, reduce chances of suger, liver problems etc... so please donate blood every 3 months approximately.

How to Live a Less Stressful Life: 10 Simple Tips

"The time to relax is when you don't have time for it."
Jim Goodwin
"For fast-acting relief, try slowing down."
Lily Tomlin
Stress sucks. It sucks joy and the life out of you.
So today I'll share 10 of my favourite tips that I use to minimize stress and live a more relaxed but at the same time productive life. I hope you find something helpful here, even if it's just a few reminders of things you had forgotten about.
1. Accept the situation.
Stress is often to a large part resistance to what already is. You may be in a stressful situation and think to yourself that this situation shouldn't be, that you shouldn't be here. But the situation has already arisen, is here, and so are you.
So to decrease the stress and resistance you accept the situation. With your resistance gone or lowered you can now direct your mental energy and focus to finding a solution in a level-headed manner instead of trying to do it while panicked or confused.

10 Surprising Health Benefits of Beer

Friday, February 24, 2012

Stylish Beauties...!

Stylish Beauties...!

Very Funny Slogans

 I have kleptomania,
but when it gets bad,
I take something for it.

Except that one where you're naked in church.



Mountains Restaurant - Amazing

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Unbelievable Facts about Animals

  • A snail can sleep for three years.
  • All polar bears are left handed.
  • Butterflies taste with their feet.
  • Ants never sleep.
  • Owls cannot move their eyes because their eyeballs tubular in shape.
  • A newborn kangaroo is about 1 inch in length.
  • A cow gives nearly 200,000 glasses of milk in her lifetime.
  • There are 701 types of pure breed dogs.
  • Tapeworms range in size from about 0.04 inch to more than 50 feet in length.
  • A baby bat is called a pup.
  • A pregnant goldfish is called a twit.
  • German Shepherds (dog) bite humans more than any other breed of dog.
  • A female mackerel lays about 500,000 eggs at one time.
  • The animal (insect) responsible for the most human deaths world-wide is the mosquito.
  • The biggest pig in recorded history was Big Boy of Black Mountain, North Carolina, who was weighed 1,904 pounds in 1939.
  • Snakes are immune to their own poison.
  • Cats have more than one hundred vocal sounds, while dogs only have about ten.
  • Rats multiply so quickly that in 18 months, two rats could have over a million descendants.
  • A shrimp's heart is in their head.
  • It is physically impossible for pigs to look up into the sky.
  • Hydra - an aquatic creature is the only living creature that never die. It regenerates, replacing its cells with fresh ones.
  • Elephants are the only animals that can't jump.

Never lose your hope...

to continue through any struggle.

Hope gives us the desire to face
another day, to strive to overcome
it's challenges and work for new ones.

Hope gives us glimpses of tomorrow,
of the possibilities that lie in our future
and of the paths we need to travel.

Hope lightens our steps when the
road is strewn with obstacles,
and helps us decide on our route.

Hope puts a smile on our face
and a glimmer in our eyes.

Hope let's us see love as it blooms.

Never lose faith in your abilities,
trust the instincts you have inside,
they will guide you through your journey.

And always have hope.

Always look to the future.

Always believe that the best is out
there for you to find.

who you are.

Because with that faith in yourself,

8 Health Warnings Your Fingernails May Be Sending.

8 Health Warnings Your Fingernails May Be Sending.
Are your fingernails healthy, or sending you a health warning?

Take a good long look at your nails. Hold a hand level with your nose about a foot out from your face and scrutinize each one.
Look at the curves, dips, ridges, and grooves. Check out how thick or thin they are and if your nails are chipped or broken. Make a note of the color of the nail itself, the skin under it, and the skin around the nail.
Check your memory have your nails always looked like this? Changes to your fingernails and disease onset are linked, so note any new developments. With this fresh view, compare what you see with this list of eight potential fingernail health warnings.

Sunday, February 19, 2012



Shiva is the last deity of the Hindu Trinity.Lord Shiva represents the vital goodness in the form of Satyam, Shivam, Sundaram i.e.; Truth, Goodness and Beauty .Lord Shiva performs a celestial role of dissolution and recreation of the universe, that's why; he is mostly associated with the words, like destroyer and destruction Literally, Shiva is one in whom the universe “sleeps” after destruction and before the next cycle of creation. All that is born, must die. All that is produced, must disintegrate and be destroyed. This law cannot be violated. The principle that brings about this disintegration, the power behind this destruction, is Shiva. Another explanation of his role as destroyer is that we invoke Shiva to give us the capacity to destroy all our attachments and unwanted thoughts.

Saturday, February 18, 2012

Manmohan Singh Ki VIshal Jansabha Dekhiye Ek Bhi Aadami Nahi Aye

Friday, February 17, 2012

23-Year-Old Grandmother: World’s Youngest Grandmother at 23

23-Year-Old Grandmother: World’s Youngest Grandmother at 23

Mother-of-two, Rifca Stanescu, was only 12 when she gave birth to her first child, Maria.
She urged her daughter not to follow her example, however, Maria had her son Ion while only 11-years-old.
Stanescu was only 11 when she married jewelry seller Ionel Stanescu and he was 13. Stanescu revealed “marrying young” is a way of life in the Romanian gypsy culture.
They had to elope because Stanescu feared her father wanted her to marry a fellow villager in Investi, Romania.
Stanescu reveals her feelings about Ionel Stanescu, “I wanted to marry him, so I agreed, and of course after we had spent the night together then there was no way anyone could separate us. I had been promised to another boy’s family since I was two years old but I didn’t want that.”

In gypsy culture ones virginity is highly prized, therefore women are married young as possible so that new husband’s can be sure their new wives are virgins who affect a good dowry. The loss of virginity translates to a terminated deal.

Stanescu was forgiven for her secret marriage once her daughter was born.

Her second child, son Nicolae was born a year later. The young mother tried to persuade daughter Maria to stay in school, however her efforts were to no avail.

Maria left her mother’s home and wed when she was ten and had her first child six months later.
Stanescu revealed to The Sun as she cuddled grandson Ion, now two, and said: “I am happy to be a grandmother but wished more for Maria.”
Will Rifca also be the world’s youngest great-grandmother?

Thursday, February 16, 2012

David Harley Mobikes Show
Play With Harley- 2011 Custom Chrome Europe Dealer Show
Last month in Mainz, Germany, Custom Chrome Europe held the 13th edition of its International Bike Show Series—2011 Custom Chrome Europe Dealer Show. More than 100 European custom builders competed for a total prize of € 50,000 in 4 classes—Championship, Modified Harley, RevTech Performance, and Jammer Old School Class. The organizers offered three additional awards: Public Choice, Special, and Magazine Award.

Championship Class Winners

Monday, February 13, 2012

Saturday, February 11, 2012


Russia's Underwater Crystal Cave.

Underwater wonderland: Divers take the plunge to reveal stunning images of beautiful crystal cave in depths of Russia

Animals In News -1

Final NASA Shuttle Launch.

Let's light her up one last time! Atlantis overcomes a shaky launch to become the final Nasa shuttle to blast into space

It will be at least three years - possibly five or more - before astronauts launch again from U.S. soil, and so this final journey of the shuttle era packed in crowds and roused emotions on a scale not seen since the Apollo moon shots. After days of gloomy forecasts full of rain and heavy cloud cover, the spaceship lifted off at 11.29am local time (16.29 GMT) - just two minutes late - thundering away on the 135th shuttle mission 30 years and three months after the very first flight. The four experienced space fliers rode Atlantis from the same pad used more than a generation ago by the Apollo astronauts. The shuttle was visible for 42 seconds before disappearing into the clouds. Nasa waived its own weather rules to allow the lift-off to go forward. In the end, though, the countdown was delayed not by the weather but by the need to make certain the launch pad support equipment was retracted all the way. The crew will deliver a year's worth of critical supplies to the International Space Station and return with as much rubbish as possible.

Top Universities Of The World

14+University of
Pennsylvania 12 Top 25 Universities Of The World

25. Kyoto University, Japan
01+Kyoto University 25 Top 25 Universities Of The World
Kyoto University rated as 25th best university in World University Rankings. Founded in 1897, Kyoto University has deeply considered its traditions of liberal and academic freedom, educating many. We continue to actively maintain these principles, which are the foundation of academic freedom. Kyoto University places top priority on basic research, develops advanced technology leading to the acquisition of intellectual property, and then returns this knowledge to society through education, social cooperation, and the opportunity for lifelong education. Kyoto University has 3 campuses nestled in a basin, which forms the main part of Kyoto, a city which in tradition and culture of which Kyoto University is a part. 24 More universities after the break…

Friday, February 10, 2012

Amazing Unbelievable Paper Sculptures by Calvin Nicholls

The artist who is a cut above the rest (using nothing but paper for his sculptures)

These amazing pictures are the sculptures of artist and animal enthusiast Calvin Nicholls, who using nothing but sheets of A4 brings to life many exotic creatures including lions, pandas and zebras as part of his paper zoo collection. Each piece takes around four weeks to produce and in some cases have taken up to two years with Nicholl demanding up to £16,000 for his art. Strikingly realistic and intricately observed, his collection in total amasses over 75 pieces and is on display at the Follett Library near Chicago, Illinois.

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Moonbows, Rainbows Of The Night at Yosemite National Park

Somewhere over the... moonbow: Dazzling arc of colour lights up night sky at Yosemite National Park

This dazzling arc of colour soaring across the night sky looks unreal. But this is no fantasy or trick of the light, it is known as a moonbow, the rainbow of the night. These rare lunar rainbows can only be seen in a few places on earth.

Psychedelic wonder of galaxies at night

Monday, February 6, 2012

Beautiful Pictures of World Freezing!!

Married Men Only

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