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Tuesday, May 31, 2011



Celebrities After Cosmetic Surgery

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Wall Decals That Will Make Us Wonder.

Wall Decals That Will Make Us Wonder

These are some amazing wall decals. They are simply large wall stickers that will remind you of vector art. Although you may be thinking of the posters you put on your dorm room walls during your college years, trust me, these are nothing like that. These will make you wonder. Check it out.


Hi Tech Rosetta Stone Universal Translator.

Hi Tech Rosetta Stone Universal Translator

1799, the Rosetta Stone was providentially discovered, there're three languages engraved on the stone: Greek, ancient Egyptian and common Egyptian, by it people opened the door to the study of ancient Egyptian, it become an important archaeological milestone in studying of ancient Egypt. Since then, the Rosetta Stone is another name for the universal languages communication of mankind, I think this Universal Translator is specifically designed for travel and can be considered a Rosetta Stone, it has three modes – Window, Text and Speech. Window mode enables user to understand better, Text mode enables user to translate text phrases and the Speech Mode can translate spoken word. Built-in updated Wikipedia and wireless Internet access. With light shape it's easy to slip in pocket, or even business card holder. It's what you must have when you're going to travel around the world! Designer of this concept gadget is Rachel Ilan Simpson.

Microsoft Touchscreen Surface is Coming.

Microsoft Touchscreen Surface is Coming

Rumors says Microsoft Surface is coming to AT&T store (New York City, Atlanta, San Antonio or San Francisco) this month, 17th April. Let me remind you again about this Microsoft Surface, this is basically a table-size computer with 30inch touchscreen where you can interact with the computer through your fingers, such as arrange your pictures, download pictures from phones and put on top of it, draw with your fingers. Awesome, but let's hear your thought after you actually see and play with them.

Csaba Tokolyi's Wildlife Photography-1/5

Sunday, May 29, 2011

Beautiful And Colorful BIRDS...

Transparent Butterflies

Afghanistan National Army

Afghan National Army is a service branch of the Military of Afghanistan which is currently trained by the coalition forces to ultimately take the role in land-based  military operations in Afghanistan. Afghanistan's national army was established in the 1880s with the help of British, when the nation was ruled by Emir Abdur Rahman Khan. Prior to that the army was mostly a combination of tribesmen and militia forces, as well as a special army force under the ruler of the country
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Titanic sunk by steering mistake, author says.

Titanic sunk by steering mistake, author says

(Reuters) – The Titanic hit an iceberg in 1912 because of a basic steering error, and only sank as fast as it did because an official persuaded the captain to continue sailing, an author said in an interview published on Wednesday.

Saturday, May 28, 2011

How to Protect Your Skin for Acne Infection Forever

Dietary cholesterol is not the heart killer, say docs

Upcoming Gadgets in 2011..

Dear Salary...

Good Morning~~Difference between School and Life?

Friday, May 27, 2011

Top 10 Jhoot (Lies) of Girls..... MUST SEE :)

Top 10 jhoot of girls

1. I miss u.
2. Main jhoot nhi bolti.

Incredible People Portraits…All Made From Maps !

Pretty South Actress Shraddha Das

The World's Most Outlandish Creatures !

Koi bhi Bike purchase karo magar :))

Good Morning..Strength Does not Come from Winning

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Amazingly Very Flexible Girls-5


Amazingly Very Flexible Girls-4


Amazingly Very Flexible Girls-3


Amazingly Very Flexible Girls-2


Amazingly Very Flexible Girls-1


Hot Model Kamni Kannan


Gorgeous and Sexy -- Vimala Raman


Artistic and Creative Zodiac Signs Through Body Paint Art

The Journey of Life Confuses Me

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Skin Rashes Symptoms Causes and Treatment

Skin Rashes inflommatry and irritation condition on skin it is caused by microorganisms.

Symptoms of skin rash

The symptoms of skin rash includes:

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Only a Woman ....!!!

3D Paintings

Beautiful Chinese Girls


When One + One Is ONE

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Unexpected Discovery In The Depths Of The Ocean !

Unexpected Discovery In The Depths Of The Ocean!

The Underwater Sculpture Park is the work of sculptor Jason Taylor from England, who has a passion for creating fantastic and unique pieces of work depicting Grenada's colourful history and folklore and placing them underwater. All of the sculptures are in beautiful clear shallow water easily accessible by divers and snorkelers. The sculptures end up creating artificial reefs, and enhancing the marine environment.
The response from visitors diving the site has been reported as nothing short of amazement and fascination on the whole concept. "the artist's interventions promote hope and recovery, and underline our need to understand and protect the natural world."

Unusual Guns.

India in 2060.

Good Morning..Satisfaction..Achievement.. Effort..Victory!!!

Recipe for Kindness ....??

Monday, May 23, 2011

Statues of Love (U Would Like to See)

East and West.... Wooow!!

Cancer Prevention: Adjust Your Diet

Through our diet , we can affect the occurance of cancer and its evolution. We all can gradually change the way we eat and thus transform our food into a weapon of preventive cancer ! For each category food : that change and in what sense?

  • Fruits and vegetables galore
  • Cereals and legumes: choose full or half-full
  • Milk, dairy products and cheeses in moderation
  • Meat and charcuterie: limit
  • Fats: keep only the good fats
  • Fish 2 times a week or more
  • Foods and beverages sweetened: limit
  • Alcoholic beverages: to eliminate!

Fruits and vegetables galore

Rich in vitamins, minerals and antioxidants, fruits and vegetables often act early in the process of carcinogenesis , helping to protect cells against harsh environmental (smoking, pollution, asbestos, solvents, radiation …). Thus, fruits and vegetables decrease the risk of cancer of the upper aerodigestive tract (mouth, larynx, pharynx, esophagus), lung, stomach, bladder and cervix. Fruits and vegetables contain lots of water and are thus very low in calories, which helps reduce the risk of overweight and obesity. Yet obesity is itself a major risk factor for mostcancers , and particularly cancers of the colon , breast, cervix, kidney and lung. The third advantage of vegetables (especially when cooked) is their fiber content, which is found also in larger quantities even in cereals and legumes.

Cereals and legumes: choose full or half-full

They bring energy as carbohydrate, but more importantly, they are rich in fiber.These fibers pass through the colon and to promote the elimination of compounds carcinogens of power .Indirectly, they also facilitate the removal of estrogens, hormones that increase the proliferation of tumor cells of cancer of the breast. In the end, cereals and legumes help prevent cancers of the colon and breast. But the fibers are also known to decrease the risk of overweight and obesity. Note that whole grains or semi-complete (which have retained their envelopes, called "sound") contribute to the intake of vitamins and minerals.

Milk, dairy products and cheeses in moderation

Dairy products are very interesting for their calcium intake, mineral element critical to the construction and maintenance of the skeleton, which is also known to decrease the risk of colorectal cancer . However, do not abuse it because they are high in calories and rich in saturated fatty acids, thereby promoting excess weight. Furthermore, excess and during adolescence, dairy products may induce a too strong growth and thus promote cancer of the breast, ovarian and colorectal.

Meat and charcuterie: limit

Red meat increases the risk of cancer, colorectal and prostate. It is therefore recommended to limit quantities and to opt for diversification in several dishes replacing red meat per week of fish, poultry, eggs, cereals and legumes.Moreover, it is better to be wary of cooking: the meat is overcooked carcinogen while fat burning on the grill are also toxic. Said processed meats, or deli, are very much limited because they contain excessive amounts of salt and chemicals. In the end, to prevent cancer , it is better to settle for a contribution of meat twice a week and a plate of protein per day with a focus on poultry, eggs and fish.

Fats: keep only the good fats

Fats (lipids) are concentrated energy and calories. They therefore promote obesity and indirectly cancers . The total intake of fatty acids also contributes directly to cancer colorectal, breast and endometrial cancer. Overall, these are saturated fats and trans fats are hydrogenated to adverse health . Are found primarily in raw animal products (meat, cheese, butter …) and second in industrial products (pastries, cookies, cakes, donuts, breadcrumbs, etc.).. It can therefore be only those products and focus on fats: olive oil and canola in particular.

Fish 2 times a week or more

The effect of fish is particularly well demonstrated in preventing cancer of the colon. The asset is its wealth of fish fatty acids omega-3 , especially the fattier fish such as sardines, salmon, herring … Note that omega-3 content in fish are also beneficial for the cardiovascular system and also to prevent neurodegenerative diseases such Alzheimer's disease.

Limit Sweetened Foods and Beverages

Attention cancerous cells "feed" of sugar. Sweet foods are therefore limited.It should focus on foods with low glycemic index, with peak insulin after concommation remains moderate.Furthermore, consumption of sugary foods (which are often very bold) promotes weight gain, which should be avoided to prevent cancer .

Eliminate alcoholic beverages

If one drink per meal may be positive vis-à-vis the cardiovascular disease, it is not the same for cancer . From a glass of alcohol, the risk of cancer increases. While it is difficult to choose, it should at least respect the utmost restraint. For your overall health, do not exceed 1-6 glasses of alcohol per week and avoid intoxication!

Courtesy: Todayhealthtips
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