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Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Gorgeous American Actress Alexis Bledel...!

Gorgeous American Actress Alexis Bledel...!

Fun mix pics

Fun mix pics

Funny Animals Clothing Photos

Funny Animals Clothing Photos

Emo Girls Photo Style

Emo Girls Photo Style

Know about Caffeine

Know about Caffeine

Does it seem like everyone is walking around carrying a cup of coffee or an energy drink these days? People usually like the way these drinks taste, but many say they drink them for the caffeine boost. You may not realize that the side effects of caffeine may out weigh the benefit of feeling more alert. Too much caffeine can make you feel “jittery� and nervous. It can also make your blood pressure and heart rate go up. This guide was created to help you learn about caffeine so you can make healthy choices about your caffeine intake.

Caffeine is naturally found in the leaves, beans, seeds, and fruits of many plants. It is also added to some foods and drinks and some pain relievers such as headache medicine. Caffeine is considered a drug. It works by exciting your nervous system which may make you feel more awake and alert. Having too much caffeine is not healthy, and caffeine can be addictive. Although caffeine is not stored in our bodies, the effects can be felt for up to 6 hours.

Common sources of caffeine include coffee, tea, some soft drinks, energy drinks, chocolate, some over the counter medicines, and some prescription medications. Teens usually get caffeine by drinking soda and energy drinks. Sodas such as Pepsi®, Coca-Cola®, Sunkist®, and Mountain Dew® and popular energy drinks such as Redbull®, Full Throttle®, and Monster® contain caffeine. Some companies such as Pepsi® and Coca-Cola® also make decaffeinated soda. Look for the word(s) “decaffeinated� or “caffeine free� on the can or bottle. Sprite® and Fresca® are two types of soda that do not contain any caffeine.

Kid Grow Up Photoshop

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Kid Grow Up Photoshop

Fun of photos

Fun of photos

Faltu Pictures

Faltu Pictures

Facebook Page of Cold Drink Companies..Guess Which is Most Popular

Facebook Page of Cold Drink Companies..Guess Which is Most Popular

collection of facebook page photo of leading cold drink companies and their brands including limca, fanta, mirinda, etc.

Awesome Playing Card Structures

Monday, May 28, 2012

Coffee and Tea Wallpapers

Coffee and Tea Wallpapers

A To Z of A Friend

Incredible images of the Moon Bridge in Taipei

Stunning and serene: Incredible images of the Moon Bridge in Taipei capture this magical, misty landscape

Morning mist hangs in the calm, still air adding to the dream-like magic of this tranquil setting in Taiwan. 

The crystal clear water allows for a perfect reflection of an upside down world, almost playing tricks on the mind.
With scenery like this, it is no wonder that Taiwan was formerly known as the Beautiful Island - Ilha Formosa - to the West. 

These remarkable, soft blue, monochrome pictures of The Moon Bridge, in DaHu (Big Lake) Park in Taipei, northern Taiwan, were taken by an arguably talented photographer, known simply as bbe022001 on Flickr. 

The park itself in fact sits close to the industrial centre of Taiwan. The northern Neihu district of Taipei is famous for its IT industry and large shopping complexes. 

But its parks and impressive mountains, dotted with temples and holy shrines, are unforgettably breathtaking.
Taiwan has more than 200 mountains that soar above 3,000 meters in height, and the unique geology and topography have created countless alluring landscapes and coastal scenes.

Cute Looks of Richa Panai ...!

Cute Looks of Richa Panai ...!

Sunday, May 27, 2012

Very Funny Images

Very Funny Images

some of cool and very funny photo collection that make a huge smile on your face, have fun

Awesome Miniature Bottles Art

 Awesome Miniature Bottles Art

While the majorities of us use our free time observation TV or lounge approximately on the sofa, Japanese performer Akinobu Izumi make these tiny sweet masterpiece in a bottle smaller than your thumb. Major characteristic of his instrument is not merely the formation of miniatures in bottles, but quite by of miniature bottles. The tallness of the bulb, in which the artist generates his miniatures, is only millimeters in tallness and millimeters in width! Check out these interesting miniature artwork. Take a look.

Top 10 Attractive Singer of all Time.
Famous American Journal of Los Angeles Weekly published a list of 20 Attractive and $e*est female singers of all time. We offer a look at who won the first 10 positions. By the way, all favorite Gwen Stefani took only 15th place, but Rihanna did not came to this list. 09 more after the break...

Saddam Hussein's Palace in Babylon
There was a calm ancient city of Babylon, described in detail in the Bible and other sources. At the beginning of the XX century the German archaeologists came and excavated the city, marveled at its beauty and stole it to their Germany (to keep up with the British). Only ruins and outlines were left.

Adjacent to Nebuchadnezzar's ancient palace and overlooking the Euphrates River, Saddam Hussein built a new palace for himself. Shaped like a ziggurat (stepped pyramid), Saddam's Babylonian palace is a monstrous hill-top fortress surrounded by miniature palm trees and rose gardens. The four-storey palace extends across an area as large as five football fields. Villagers told news media that a thousand people were evacuated to make way for this emblem of Saddam Hussein's power.

TEN Dangerous Lakes on earth

TEN Dangerous Lakes on earth

1. Karachay Lake

Secret Spa in Dubai.

Secret Spa in DubaiHow do you choose a spa and wellness center? You have to look for what they offer, and whether the facilities are on par with the best. More importantly, many people also try and find out whether a particular spa is located within striking distance. It doesn't make any sense to go all the way far off, and enter the spa centre virtually tired. If you are on your visit to Dubai, you should try and fix up an appointment to go to Serenity Spa and Wellness Centre near Deira city center.

Serenity is perhaps, one of the intriguing spas, you would ever come across, and the facilities, which you get is perhaps, very attractive to say the least. The most remarkable aspect of the spa is the various spa treatments you get. There are endless opportunities for you to get your favorite massage, and feel refreshed and energetic as ever. That's what spa and wellness centre does for you.

10 Most Romantic Western Movies Of All Time.

Most Romantic Western Movies Of All Time

There are movies which make you cry, make you feel like you are in love all over again, the passion is so much in it that you get teary eyes and emotional atmosphere all over . You fantasize about that movie in your real life; you want things to happen and relationships to be like that in real life.

10. Pretty Woman
This movie was released in 1990 and the actors were Julia Roberts, Richard Gere and many more. This is such a cute movie with a young, rich and sophisticated man meets a local social circle and fall in love. That one is really nice.

Beautiful Sexy Tennis Player Cum Model Ana Ivanovic Sports Illustrated Photoshoot - 2/3

Beautiful Sexy Tennis Player Cum Model Ana Ivanovic Sports Illustrated Photoshoot - 1/3
Beautiful model Ana Ivanovic sports illustrated photoshoot pictures, have a look.

Kim Kardashian arrives at Z100 Jingle Ball
Kim Kardashian arrives at Z100 Jingle Ball 2010 held at Madison Square Garden in New York City.

Anushka Sharma sizzles at Band Baaja Baarat Promotion. see the pictures.
Anushka Sharma sizzles at Band Baaja Baarat Promotion. see the pictures.

The Most Sexy and Attractive Manga Girls You've Ever Seen - 2/2

The Most Sexy and Attractive Manga Girls You've Ever Seen - 1/2

The Most Attractive Manga Girls You've Ever Seen

Mallika Sherawat Becomes Tamil Munni Badnam Hui

Mallika Sherawat Becomes Tamil Munni Badnam Hui

Mallika Sherawat to steam up in Tamil Munni  The Bollywood Bombshell Mallika Sherawat is all set to steam up Kollywood as the 'Tamil Munni'. Yes she will make moves with the hot item number in 'Osthi', the Tamil version of 'Dabangg'. The item song for which Mallika will perform her 'Munni' moves is titled "Kalasala Kalasalaï" It looks like Mallika Sherawat will soon be called as Tamil Munniï. Shimbu plays the funny cop in the movie and his heroine is Richa Gangopadhyay. The movie directed by S Dharani will also have Sharanya Mohan, Sonu Sood, Revathi, Ganesh and Santhanam. Revathy will be in Simbu's Mother role. The mush awaited movie with Rs 30 crore budget will hit theaters in October 2011.

Salman Khan starrer 'Dabangg' directed by Abhinav Kashyap turned to be a huge boxoffice hit of 2010. Sonakshi Sinha, Arbaaz Khan, Dimple Kapadia and Sonu Sood were in other key roles. The original item number 'Munni Dadnam Hui' was done by Mallaika Arora.

Very Funny Quotes

Singapore's Stunning Super Forest Takes Shape

The view from the treetops: Singapore's stunning super forest takes shape as its opening day nears

  • Gardens By The Bay development unveils treetop walkway with panoramic views of the city
Towering above the city, these trees as tall as skyscrapers are beginning to take shape.
The man-made structures are part of an artificial woodland stretching 50 metres into the sky - soon to be one of Singapore's newest tourist attractions.
As the opening date draws near for the city's Gardens By The Bay, two new permanent features have been added to the skyway attraction in time for its launch date of June 29.
Visitors will be able to take in a panoramic view of the gardens via an aerial walkway, dubbed the OCBC Skyway, which is set against the backdrop of Marina Bay.

We moved to a small town where my husband....

Infrared Photography - 2/2

History of Infrared Photography

Until the early 1900s, infrared photography was not possible because silver halide emulsions are not sensitive to infrared radiation without the addition of a dye to act as a color sensitizer.The first infrared photographs (as distinct from spectrographs) to be published appeared in the October 1910 edition of the Royal Photographic Society Journal to illustrate a paper by Robert W. Wood , who discovered the unusual effects that now bear his name. The RPS is co-ordinating events to celebrate the centenary of this event in 2010. Wood’s photographs were taken on experimental film that required very long exposures; thus, most of his work focused on landscapes. A set of infrared landscapes taken by Wood in Italy in 1911 used plates provided for him by CEK Mees at Wratten & Wainwright. Mees also took a few infrared photographs in Portugal in 1910, which are now in the Kodak archives.
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