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Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Top 10 Most Expensive Computer Mouse

3Dconnexions SpacePilot Pro 3D mouse was nearly is a dream mouse. This 3D mouse is designed to provide freedom in design work and for comfort in handling and 3D applications. The mouse design is also gelled perfect for advanced MCAD Navigation that's well supported by the intelligent function keys. The game-pad styled mice with soft-coated wrist rest, houses fully customizable five dual-function keys that access both primary and secondary functions. SpacePilot Pro adorns a color LCD to display function key assignments with direct access to MS Outlook mail, calendar and other task list, allowing the user to use the important applications and gain important information without many hassles. To be made available with compatible drivers for Windows XP, Vista, Linux and Solaris 8 and 10, the anti-Mac SpacePilot Pro would ship for $499.
2-Orbita wireless 3-axis mouse

The Orbita Mouse is the world's first wireless 3-axis mouse for a wide variety of chores, and a unique cylindrical design with a jog wheel for horizontal scrolling. With a resolution of 800DPI, the Orbita is a fully integrated intuitive and ergonomic control center. Using its ability to rotate from left to right to scroll, instead of the vertical up and down scrolling, the wireless cylindrical mouse is an incredible make, touting of 2.4GHz zero lag wireless communication. Given the quick and precise scrolling capability, with zoom and low cost jog, the mouse can help you scroll through documents more easily and in an improved manner. Integrated with a compass for 3D movement, it will control both 3 dimensional and general applications along with providing media editing facility. Embedded with Mac and PC compatibility, the Orbita comes tagged with a USB charging base.

Paradox Mouse is a piece of genus from Daniel Pon. Groomed in the magnificence of brass, bolts, gears, wood and vintage typewriter keys, there isn't really anything that lags in its contribution to supplement to the making of a mouse, intended to go along the modded keyboard and monitor. Shaped to mimic the a real mouse itself, Pon has carved the Paradox Mouse in LEDs with extra peripherals like a mouse skull, spine and shoulder blades, but all so efficiently embedded. Pon has a perfect custom mouse pad made to go with the insane mouse.
To lure the vulnerable consumers and other who're fed up with the orthodox styled mice and the trouble associated with them, a Canadian firm, Deanmark Ltd has introduced the AirMouse – that can be worn like a glove. Equipped with optical tracking laser, that last for a week on single charge, the mouse has been clinically tested to work by aligning itself with the user's hand and wrist ligaments to keep the hand in a neutral position, thus minimizing the excessive force required to function by the ordinary styled mice. Because, the AirMouse makes hand movement more easy and swift, it also enhances upon the user's mousing speed and accuracy.

Cyborg R.A.T. gaming mouse is created by the geniuses at Mad Catz. Uniform in design but realistically outrageous in general with all those buttons and knobs all around its body, the sleek and black mice would be made available for our gaming desires sometime this spring. In case the gamer in you is confused with how comfy these are, it'll be fitting to snatch words from the maker's mouth and give to you as "most comfortable gaming mice you'll ever use." The Mad Catz USB powered Cyborg R.A.T. gaming mouse offering 3200 dpi laser, to 5600 dpi laser fully adjustable, programmable technology would be available on four versions ranging from $50 to $130.

This USB mouse with integrated LEDs and fan to cool your palm is the only mouse flaunting its own remote. The mouse offers standard 800pdi optical tracking, but to its novelty, with the remote to input messages of up to 12 characters it enjoys the basic diversity of sorts. If you are one of those busy souls who spend hours at the PC, the best feature of the mouse that you'll cherish would be the fans over the LEDs that'll keep blowing out air to keep your busy hand sweat-free, all for about $21 in Japan. 7-Ultra Slim Mouse Christened the MA-BTCARD, this ultra slim optical mouse is no burden to your mobility, it wouldn't occupy any space in your already cramped laptop bag. MA-BTCARD fits perfectly into the TypeII PC card slot in your notebook. The mouse is Bluetooth enabled, doing away with the wire ruckus, charging too isn't a snag – it can be charged in the PC slot itself and costs only $107.

8-Apple's Mighty Mouse

Apple's Mighty Mouse turns its back on the traditional scroll wheel and is equipped with a scroll area that gives the user control of the cursor movements merely by the change of the hand's posture. Minus buttons, the new mouse results in lesser hand strain for the user and has the added bonus of appearing translucent, sleek and stylish. The Mighty Mouse can provide audio feedback to the user concerning the rate at which the finger is moved over the active area. The area may also have haptic-like feedback features, which allow users to define the boundary of active surface area.

At the first look the wireless mouse that would fit onto the finger and had to be operated with the thumb brought apprehensions of straining the finger muscles, but the manufacturers of this wireless finger mouse assures us that this mouse is ergonomically designed. The USB Wireless Finger Mouse will reduce the desk space, anyway with laptops becoming thinner and touchscreen tablet PCs making their appearances the problem of space has already been solved. Nonetheless, a Wireless Finger Mouse could come handy with a continued usage time of 14 hours, 170 days of stand by time and capability of working from a 15meters distance. It has a built-in lithium-ion battery that takes 2 hours to be recharged. If you can support a 25g mouse on your finger that is heavier than any large ring on your finger then you can go for this mouse.

A unification of constructive technology and valuable construction, this computer mouse attracts the geek considering the multifaceted, comfortable and pleasant build we have in offer in this near original instrument. Designed by Andrey Chirkov, the mouser mouse is made in two materials with different qualities and texture. The pliable wood gives the mouse an artist retro look while the hard metallic frame used for the buttons gets it back to the modern manifestation. The buttons seems to be hanging in mid air, as the flowing form of the wood only helps the metal finish rest on the skillful body, while the original construction of the rolling wheel adds to the finishing details of the splendor

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