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Saturday, September 17, 2011

Indian Girl And Her Cobras

What a little charmer: Indian girl, 8, eats sleeps and plays with King Cobras

Her bond with the creatures - which stems from crawling around them as a baby - now means they are her favourite companions.
Since her friendship with the killers began she has been bitten on her stomach, her cheeks and most recently her arm. She was seriously ill but made a full recovery.
'It hurts when they bite me but they don’t mean it,' she said. 'I get a little frightened when I see the blood but my father sorts me out. He rushes into the forest and comes back with the medicine.'

But Kajol's mother, Salma Bano, 45, wishes her daughter would grow out of the snake-phase - especially since the youngster was expelled from school for taking her pets to class in her backpack. 'I want her to go to school like other children. If I had my own way I’d get rid of the snakes but she loves them and so I don’t want to break her heart,' said Salma.'She now refuses to study and will play with the snakes all day. 'I try to make her study at home but she keeps the snakes with her and gets distracted.' Taj said: 'We don’t have many visitors. People don’t like our pet snakes so they stay away. 'We don’t mind so much, but it’s sad for Kajol. Children are too scared to come round and play with her. She’s just not like other children.' Her worried mother added: 'She’ll find it hard to find a husband in the future if she doesn’t stop playing with the snakes.'

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vaidyanathan said...

Fantastic child--Let Lord Nagaraja save her


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