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Saturday, August 18, 2012


You may be planning to make fundamental changes in your lifestyle at this time. You have a greater self-confidence now as well as a determination to succeed. As you embark on new beginnings, you will end old conditions. Look at your passions and attachments in order that you may leave behind unnecessary baggage as you move ahead. Your home environment, friends and surroundings are accented. Your communication skills are good and visiting with others is satisfying. You could gain from young people--of course, just being with all that youthful vitality is electrifying. Guiding, advising and just having a plain old good time is in order this afternoon. Music can be a big part of your evening--enjoy!
You may develop an interest in spiritual studies and self-improvement. You feel optimistic, tolerant and secure. You may find travel to be rejuvenating, bringing renewal to your sense of optimism and spiritual growth. You can release outmoded beliefs and discover hidden truths and wisdom. A get-together with friends can prove rewarding this evening. You work with real imagination and understanding in areas of the mind that are the most personal or private--depth psychology. You are like a midwife of the spirit, assisting at the birth of each individual going through a spiritual or rebirth process. You accept the natural process of birth, spiritual and physical. You dedicate yourself to helping this process along.
You have increased self-confidence to try new things that are daring, unusual and inventive. You pursue your goals for greater independence. There is change coming through stimulating friends and new acquaintances. This can be a progressive period of the unexpected and favorable, bringing you a greater choice of independent activities. Your intuitive and inventive energies are steady and the time is favorable for most technological and humanitarian enterprises. You tend to be cautious and responsible in your self-expression and relationships. However, friends, colleagues and partners give you added support. You can develop new skills and opportunities to advance yourself. Your intuitive senses are on target with whatever you want to achieve.
You have a confident, optimistic outlook that marks a turning point in your life. Your interest increases in philosophical, ethical, professional or religious views. You may reassess your values and search for a new identity. Sales and legal matters are favored. Purchases tend to be expensive, but secure in the long term. You may feel pressure to expand into a more affluent lifestyle, but this may suffer due to your own vision. Learn to look at your progress as though you were your own best friend. Learn to pace yourself and keep the timing of your goals in realistic proportions. Getting to know a distant cousin or half-sister or brother may bring a great deal of joy your way. This is a great time to be with others in an atmosphere of work or play.
You may desire to change your domestic conditions soon. Redecorating your living surroundings is considered. At the same time, there are emotions stirring that bring about constructive efforts for moral self-improvement--you seek the trust and confidence of others. An acquaintance and you may begin a morning run or walk to bring about better health. Sorting through cookbooks and purchasing new ones may help you create a new diet as well. You are ready for a new you and by the afternoon your frame of mind is more positive than usual. Working with others, especially on community or humanitarian efforts, is perfect for you. This is what you may find yourself involved with later today: humanitarian efforts. The big picture is easy for you to grasp.
A sense of rebuilding or revival gives you motivation for leadership and improved recognition for your creative efforts. That creative project you have been working on will get a big boost today. This is a good time to develop your personal resourcefulness. You get the green light for any new projects you might want to attempt. You are highly motivated to reach your goals--do not let trivialities trip you. Sharpening your creative skills may help you to develop your psychic insights. An influential person can be significant to you at this time. You could take risks and dare to be a little unconventional just now. You will find prosperity through new insights, inventions and an independent point of view. Take in a good movie with a friend tonight.
Your physical vitality is strong and easily directed towards creative and constructive activities. Self-confidence is increased and so is your capacity for leadership. Today is favorable for leading others. Old situations are fading away and new opportunities present themselves. With self-respect and realism, you can be supportive of others and begin to achieve concrete results in whatever you set your mind to accomplish. You will find a great deal of support for your ideas or decisions. Others value you for your ability to make practical decisions concerning group or family issues. You have a natural sense of what people want versus their needs. Writing, music and cooking can be a part of much creative satisfaction--and income.
You combine passion and courage with ambition and self-control to meet your goals today. You can accomplish much through careful, hard work. If you are working today, you will find that people are more grateful than usual. You are careful to demonstrate the safest way to clean and store the products you sell. These customers will return for more purchases. You will make progress in managerial and administrative areas. This is a good day to solve problems and make important decisions. There are very few questions as you seem to make instructions clear. You will find a way around almost any obstacle and are in control and able to guide yourself with ease. Family, home and security seem ideal to you. You can enjoy a musical, a play or some other form of entertainment with a loved one this evening.
You can expand your experience and personal growth at this time. Your faith, optimism and self-respecting honesty help you gain the goodwill and favor of others. Business, professional, financial, legal and educational endeavors are favorable. Travel at this time can be adventurous and culturally rewarding. You have a lot of enthusiasm for improving your surroundings or life situations. You are very motivated to improve or widen your scope of education and experience. You are a very sensitive person who can depend on feelings and intuition to get around in life. Possessing good common sense, you are very down-to-earth--nurturing and protective to all. Others appreciate you more than you realize.
Your vitality and sense of optimism are strong and you can take constructive action to expand your financial, professional or educational endeavors. You may swing a good deal on an important purchase today. This is a favorable time for adventurous travel, sports, the out-of-doors and contact with foreigners. There are favorable aspects for cultural and legal matters as well. You have a knack for finding assistance in whatever career moves you make. In fact, your ability to rally support makes a public career of one kind or another quite probable. At home, you are interested in building permanent relationships or providing for a home and family. Entertainment tonight may involve your talents or the talents of someone you love.
If you are working today, this is a secure period where you can make steady progress toward your career and social goals. You can develop the confidence, honesty, maturity and self-respect that can make you better able to handle authority and responsibility. This is a favorable time for learning new duties, putting a polish on old talents and perhaps, travel related to your work. Your community spirit may come into play. There is a feeling of being a part of the bigger picture that encourages you to move forward with political issues. You are very communicative, not just a little curious--conversations come easily. Family is important to you and you may find yourself enjoying an out-of-doors get-together this evening with the family and even a few friends.
Seek constructive outlets for physical energies in exercise, games, cleaning and repairs around the house. You can tend to be careless, overindulgent or take unnecessary risks today--careful. Avoid buying on impulse. Use moderation in business, legal, cultural or religious activities. This may be a good time to reorganize a closet. You are apt to take more pride in your home and in your roots or heritage at this time. You take a nurturing and supportive role toward others, especially children, who bring a great deal of emotional contentment and happiness your way. This evening, neighbors, or brothers and sisters, will likely bring all kinds of experiences your way. There is a chance to have a special time with someone you love this evening.

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