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Friday, August 17, 2012

ABVP Helpline Number For North- East Students (August 17, 2012)



ABVP Helpline Number For North- East Students (August 17, 2012)

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ABVP Appeal and Helpline number for ALL North East students 16 Aug 2012

State/City Name ABVP Worker Mobile Number
Karnataka Santhosh reddy 09972788555
Bangalore Sanjeev Nigambam 09480081465
Mangolore Prajwal 08147987467
Chinmay 09880576988
Andra Pradesh Giri 09440804821
Vijayawada Shiva 09492751040
Nagaraju 09908855553
Vishakapattanam Sudhakar 09705983798
ABVP Office 08916468886
Hydrabad Racha Sreenivas 09494309595
Maharashtra Raju chauhan 09422308453
Mumbai ABVP office 02224373754
Pune Pravin Undre 08275473105
Nagpur Swapnil kathale 09766973184
Anurag visaldar 07709551079
ABVP office. 07122454323
Delhi Rohit Chahal 09810900912
Raipur ABVP office 07714091857
Chennai ABVP office 04424343457
West UP- Agra Naveen Gautham 08410663363
Sunil kumar 09411210293
kanpur Dilpreet Bhatiya 09795614562
Lukhnow Anil 09415408423
Patna Himanshu yadav 09472142705
Himanshu Shekhar 09504738765
Pappu Verma 09472142705
Kathiyar Ranjan singh 09430968516
Manoj gupta 09955555541
Kishanganj Rajesh dubey 09431267283
Madhyapradesh ABVP office- Bhopal 0755-2542005
Indore sachin Sharma 09826604747
Jabalpur Upendra dhakad 09424466644
Kerla Ashish 09745030411
Titto John 09895082328


Released by Shri Dattatreya Hosabale, Sahsarkaryavah (Joint Gen. Secretary)
of Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (R.S.S.) at a Press Conference at Guwahati
on 16 August, 2012.

The tragic circumstance under which Assam is passing through is a matter of grave concern for all countrymen. The RSS expresses its deep anguish over the pain, sufferings and losses faced by the people of Assam in the recent outburst of violence in Bodoland Territorial Area District (BTAD) and Dhubri. The fact that a large number of people have been killed, many are injured and lakhs have been rendered homeless due to loot and arson shows that the situation is alarming. It is an irony that people have to live in refugee camps in their own country because of hostilities from foreigners.

The RSS also is pained to know that a large number of students and young employees of NE states in several parts of our country are returning to Assam and other North-eastern states in an atmosphere of fear and threat.

The present situation in Assam that erupted on 20 July is not an isolated or sudden one, but it is another episode in the series of such violent incidents took place earlier. There have been skirmishes and conflicts leading to wide spread violence in the past due to a large presence of illegal Bangladeshi infiltrators.

Tensions between Bangladeshi Muslim and local communities have prevailed in the region for many years now. In this context, we can quote several incidents, the Idgah incident at Fakiragram being the recent one, or the Udalguri violence four years back. The ever increasing number of Bangladeshi Muslim infiltrators has not only disturbed peace and amity in the region but created socio-economic and political problems also. The people of Assam and other NE states are well aware of this as they are experiencing it. Time and again, various organisations have raised the issue of Bangladeshi infiltration and demanded from the Govts-both state and union-to put a halt to this vexed problem. At the national level RSS and many others have also been voicing the same opinion for last three decades. But unfortunately, these demands have met with no tangible solution.

It has been the considered opinion of RSS on the basis of ground realities that the frequent outburst of violence is due to this conflict between the Indian citizens of Assam /NE and the illegal infiltrators.

The recent violent incidents in Mumbai point to the fact that the situation has taken alarming proportion and different dimension. The Mumbai incident and also the attack on students at Pune deserve to be condemned by all. Such violent eruptions have been witnessed at Ranchi also. Considering these developments, there appears to be a larger conspiracy to create tension and spread violence in other parts of the nation. It is for all to see that the situation is kept under control.

There is a complaint by visitors that many people in the relief camps where Muslims are taking shelter, are not coming from the villages which have faced violence. I demand the Govt. authorities to enquire into this and take necessary steps as per the situation.

The swayamsevaks of RSS, and organisations inspired by the Sangh, have rushed to the relief work soon after the violence erupted. Our Swayamsevaks are rendering succor to the affected people in the Bodo areas. They are working in more than 60 camps, providing food provisions, cooked food, medicine, cloths, utensils and other needs. Teams of Medical Doctors from Gujarat and Uttar Pradesh visited the area for three weeks and rendered medical aid. More works of relief and rehabilitation are being contemplated.

Workers of RSS have met NE students and others at Pune, Mumbai, Bangalore, Kerala, Hyderabad, Delhi etc. and offered all help for their safety and security. Also, they have announced help line nos. Food and security have been provided enroute by Sangh, ABVP, BJP and others to these youth who are travelling by trains to Assam.

The current problem is the result of the tension between the local communities who are genuine citizens of the nation and the Bangladeshi Muslims who are illegal migrants. The RSS demands from the Govt to implement all effective steps immediately to curb the infiltration from Bangladesh and to detect them here, delete their names (from electoral lists), and to deport back in order to put a permanent halt to this problem. Also, the National Register of Citizens (NRC) should be prepared without further delay and non-citizens should be treated accordingly.

The RSS appeals to the general public of NE and also throughout the country to maintain total peace and amity by all efforts. It is extremely necessary to keep vigil that nobody misuses the situation and no tension or provocation is created in any part of the country.

The RSS also assures all help, safety and security to our brethren of Assam & other NE States living or studying in other parts of the country. We appeal to them not to panic; however, we appeal to them to contact local RSS or ABVP offices at any place for any help. The people of Assam and NE are not alone but the entire country is with them at this hour of distress. 

Dattatreya Hosabale

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