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Thursday, May 3, 2012

Longest Living Animals

Longest Living Animals

The "human fish" has just shattered amphibian longevity records.
(Human Fish; Credit: Yann Voituron)

But what about animals that aren't necessarily amphibians? Which ones live the longest?
Yann Voituron, who led the "human fish" study and is a professor at Claude Bernard Lyon University, told me that the following ten animals also have an "extremely long lifespan:"

10. Warty Oreo
140 years
(Image: Tony Ayling)

9. Orange Roughy
149 years
(Wikimedia Commons Image)

8. Aldabra Giant Tortoise
152 years
(Muhammad Mahdi Karim)

7. Lake Sturgeon
152 years
(U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service)

6. Shortraker Rockfish
157 years
(National Marine Fisheries Service)

5. Galapagos Tortoise
177 years
(Matthew Field)

4. Red Sea Urchin
200 years
(Kirt Onthank)

3. Rougheye Rockfish
205 years
(National Marine Fisheries Service)

2. Bowhead Whale
211 years

1. Ocean Quahog
400 years
(Hans Hillewaert)

As a footnote... some animals, such as certain sponges, might be contenders for the Top 10 list, but precise data on their lifespans isn't available yet.

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