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Thursday, May 3, 2012

Infrared Photography - 1/2

Infrared Photography

Due to the arrival of digital photography, we can take infrared pictures whenever we please, mixing them with “normal” ones, and see results on the spot, tweaking the settings to our hearts’ desires…All depends, of course, on how your camera sensor array reacts to the infrared ��" and, depending on the filter you are using, to the far red end of the visible spectrum.

At the first glance, a monochrome picture taken in infrared may look similar to just another black and white photograph. And then you start seeing differences: objects which are bright in visible light (like sky) look dark here, while some of those which are “normally” dark (green foliage) acquire a bright glow. An unusual and eerie feeling.

The most dramatic difference between the visible and infrared spectrum is in case of foliage: it does, indeed, become very bright in infrared. Photographs in infrared show quite unusual tonality, different than that to which we are used, and this may make them esthetically pleasing, at least in many cases. Which, of course, is a matter of taste.

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