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Friday, August 17, 2012


You are filled with confidence to succeed at whatever challenge or project comes to your attention. Make sure both your expectations and abilities match the task. In the future you will be able to stretch beyond the usual; for now, pace yourself. You may expend an excessive amount of worry about your monetary position--frequently being thrifty in expenditures. You have a desire to free yourself from any limitations you may be feeling and you are persistent in your search for ways to upgrade or improve your talents and your options. There are opportunities to gain new information about a new business venture with a good chance to increase your earnings. Sudden correspondence with a distant friend may occur this afternoon.
You think things through and make clear choices when it comes to your professional life. Career decisions are straightforward and easy to make. Positive things are happening in your career and the progress here may depend upon your own ambition. Away from the working world, you may desire more privacy, especially for the purpose of introspection, meditation and tapping the subconscious mind. You may be concerned with psychology and be more sympathetic toward those in need. You could find that hospitals, prisons or ashrams present opportunities for you to express your healing talent. Your love of humanity will afford you plenty of opportunities to involve yourself in making the world a better place . . . others will follow.
You will most likely be full of enthusiasm at this time and ready to conquer the world. You may take care to regulate your expectations for success at this time. Your nature will most likely be very watchful, as you take a serious attitude to just about all aspects of your life. This is an excellent time to sit down alone and get many things accomplished. You display an urge to be recognized by co-workers for your hard work. There is a possibility that your work as a whole will come under scrutiny and you work to improve and upgrade whatever is needed to see that your profession is secure. This afternoon is a favorable time to work with friends or a family member on a project. You may get to know them a lot better without even really trying.
You are apt to enjoy considerable success at work these days. This is a good time to work on a project of a large or complicated manner, though you should be cautious of trying to take total control of some large enterprise that actually requires the aid and input of others. You may experience a change in the workplace that could entail getting a new boss, new co-workers or embarking on a totally different project. Be especially careful in any business dealings or purchases that may cause you to go into debt. You show a great deal of interest in all family matters, particularly with regard to the general living environment in the home. Try to be yourself in all your interactions with loved ones. Love blossoms during this time.
You are able to sway others to a new kind of thinking today. Many times new ideas are not accepted very well but you have a way of reasoning through the steps that when learned, will get the worker to the end result faster and neater. The learning curve here is very small. You are very motivated to improve the professional side of your life. You may even decide it is time for a change. A career that allows you to enrich others will allow you to grow. Your ability to perceive other's thoughts and feelings may bring you unexpected rewards. You have a lot of zeal for improving your life situations. The power of attraction and desire for love is great, but you should exercise caution before entering a new relationship that may come about during this time.
You tend to be calm and secure in your emotional relationships these days--you have many friends. You can extend yourself socially to old friends and new associates. Formal occasions, receptions and business gatherings can be enjoyable at this time. It is a good time to plan and organize joint projects. Your dreams or ideals can now begin to take practical form and application. Old situations are fading away and new opportunities present themselves. With self-respect and realism, you can be supportive of others and begin to achieve concrete results. Your neighborhood involvement can make considerable progress at this time. Your vision and psychological insight can be inspiring and therapeutic to yourself and others.
Formal occasions, receptions and business gatherings can be enjoyable at this time. You make a game out of planning and organizing and couldn't be happier to see projects and events run smoothly. New business opportunities present themselves and you are given the opportunity to make some smart choices. Choose the projects that make you happy, not what you think someone else wants you to choose. As you achieve and succeed, you will come away with the invisible star of satisfaction in a job well done. You can extend yourself socially to old friends and new associates. Your vision and psychological insight can be therapeutic to yourself and others. Your intuitive and imaginative powers are stimulated and you are inspiring.
You combine inspiration and courage with ambition and self-control. Mental discipline and patience are important in the work you are involved with now. You can accomplish much toward your goals through careful, hard work. Many people in positions of control will help you with your advancement in the workplace. You are successful in what you do and management wants you to continue to grow. You can make progress in managerial and administrative areas. You can expand your experiences and personal growth at this time. Your faith and optimism helps you gain the goodwill and favor of others. Business, professional, financial, legal, religious and educational matters are all favorable endeavors at this time.
You can enjoy music, parties and fun, or romance and good relations with others today. Your vitality and charm makes you popular with everyone. It is a favorable time for social activities and improving your appearance. Your imagination is stimulated and your healing ability is strong. You may accept an out-of-the-ordinary employment opportunity today and encounter delightfully interesting people: artists, actors, healers, visionaries. Apply your mental thought to creatively solving complex problems. Change and inner growth tend to come through your relationships with both friends and loved ones this evening. Marriage or a love relationship will be very intense and not at all superficial. Someone shows appreciation for you today.
This is a time when your moods may fluctuate as much as the weather. You may be a little biased but you are able to express your feelings to others in positive ways. This is a good time to step back, reflect on the past and contemplate your next step. Try to assert yourself now--as new ventures will likely prove successful. You are apt to spend a great deal of time communicating with co-workers and people apart from work. Additionally, you may find it propitious to voice new ideas to others in hopes of winning them over. Now is a good time to do those things that you have previously put aside, whether from fear of failure or lack of motivation. New outlets for growth and success should appear soon. This is a most favorable time to plan and set new goals.
You may need to expend a great deal of effort to secure finances. This may come about through associations you have with people in important positions. Many projects come to fruition just now, especially large ones. You should resist cutting corners, just to finish a work project. You may also experience a sudden shift in the routine of work today. If your work requires you to travel at this time, consider packing a sweater and some running shoes with extra socks. There could be added effort put into domestic happiness just now; all is positive, although it may not be that easy to see at this time. Entertaining family is a good thing. You are successful in fostering a sense of togetherness and team play among family members.
Your cooperation with others, especially co-workers, will not go unnoticed by higher-ups today. You are curious and talkative and find it easy to uncover solutions to most work problems. Sudden loss in business may occur through no fault of your own. However, this period can also indicate a time when you may increase finances through unexpected boons. Additional responsibilities may be placed on you in the context of the home setting today. Opening up to family shows trust and gives others an opportunity to communicate; there is good emotional support. Your creative juices are flowing. You can best apply them by working on anything around your home that is in need of repair. Save all instructions that come with new appliances.

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