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Monday, August 13, 2012


You combine zeal and courage with ambition and self-control. You can accomplish much towards your goals through careful, hard work. Officials and people in authority give you their support and you can deal effectively with business and professional affairs now. You feel an increased self-confidence and courage and may perform feats you never before thought were possible. You can command the support of others and advance your goals through leadership and generosity. You take pleasure through physical activity, such as sports, games and dancing. Tonight you may find a friend or relative to help you practice a new dance step or some other talent you want to perfect. This can be a fun evening.
This can be a strange, chaotic time when you may be tempted to avoid responsibilities. Get some perspective here--this time will pass, but you could make it worse with apathy. Your return to a more positive outlook will depend on your perseverance and positive determination. As things begin to improve, and they will, you will gain a focus. A business deal this afternoon will require careful attention. Examine all the contracts and make sure that you have followed all the steps that are necessary in your line of business. Get outside and exercise or just enjoy the landscape and the diversity of it all. After the workday is over there will be plenty of opportunities to relax and enjoy the company of friends or family in a no-responsibilities type of evening.
The first thing you are greeted with this morning in the working world will probably be the interesting challenges. Although you may complain a bit when no one is around to hear you, you will most likely rub your hands together and become excited about looking for a solution. You like solving problems and superiors see this in you. If you do not want an abundance of difficult cases to solve, you must ask for less of a variety of work. You have an increased self-confidence to try new things and you are inventive to pursue your goals for greater independence. This is a favorable time for enterprises in the technology and entertainment fields. It is also a good time to consider a job change or a move. Humanitarian enterprises grab your attention.
You have a confident, optimistic outlook today and others can see that you are determined to tend to the business side of life. With only a few interruptions, you are able to move along relatively well--making a great deal of progress. Sales and legal matters are favored today. This afternoon or during the noon break you may decide to purchase an expensive item. This may be an item that will increase in value within a short time. You may feel pressures to expand into a more affluent lifestyle, but if you stop to think about the upkeep, you could reconsider. Talking with friends this afternoon, you may change your ideas or at least think about changing your thoughts regarding religious, cultural or educational viewpoints. You may want to reschedule travel plans.
You begin constructive efforts for moral self-improvement today. This could mean you change your response to the way particular people talk to you. You seek the trust and confidence of others and must be prepared to compete in business transactions. Others may find you deep, with a sense of mission and mystery. This is a favorable time for study of life's mysteries and deeper meanings. During this time, you may desire to change your domestic conditions. You may want to maintain your own living quarters or perhaps you will begin to redecorate or renovate your home. Some family ties may end or a family member may travel. Long-buried feelings from the past can be reexamined and released or purged. New beginnings are positive and encouraged.
You have a greater self-confidence and determination to succeed. As you embark on new beginnings, you will end old conditions. Look at your goals and dreams in order to leave behind unnecessary baggage as you move ahead. You could find yourself engaged in nonconformist causes, ready to promote what is independent and innovative. You like radical approaches and find yourself in support of whatever product is new or some nifty breakthrough advance is next in line. This can be a time of leadership--you have the power to sway others in your group and initiate reforms. As a collector of butterflies, herbs or potions for teas and seasonings you might want to spend a little time with your hobby so that you can build your supply for future use.
Interruptions make it hard to concentrate on your usual work but the interruptions are acceptable, although a little unusual. This could mean making room for a new individual--extra work or a technical change. You may want more freedom that is creative with regard to work, but those in control tend to be unsympathetic. Soon you will see an increase in salary or job identification, patience. You may fluctuate between conservative and rebellious urges at this time. This afternoon you will find your friends may be stimulating but they can also aggravate your career aspirations with unrealistic ideals. You may have problems with groups or organizations--perhaps in returning a purchase. Tonight, you could be planning a fun social get-together.
This is a great week for you to do a little overtime work. You feel energetic and strong and can confidently take the initiative to bring most matters to a quick resolution. A regular customer, friend or neighbor complains constantly. It is not the complaints that need fixing, as much as the need for communication and contact with others for which he or she yearns. Find a friend for this complaining person and you will have a happy customer, friend or neighbor. This afternoon you could be feeling that there is still some sort of unfinished business. This day has gone well and your energies stay strong. Take some time to exercise by walking, bicycling or even swimming. Any exercise that makes you move forward will help to balance and smooth out any frustrations.
You enjoy a full and successfully day. You are inclined to lean toward a very busy and productive life style. This is a favorable time to eliminate nonessentials and strengthen your security or work toward some improvement. You have great concern for the future and are the first in line to organize some charity program for the starving or the handicapped or children without parents, etc. Today you may receive some surprise call from people that will help you organize such a special charity. This evening can be a favorable time for writing, serious study, teaching, and catching up on correspondence. Communications and travel related to career are beneficial and tend to go smoothly at this time.
Involvement in travel, law and education can put you in contact with a higher or more professional class of people. You are apt to desire authority in some field of cultural interest, or some set of principles. Professional communications with superiors, government or other officials would be good at this time. News or publicity can affect your status or position. Your job responsibilities may require more efficiency or training. Your imagination is energized. Activities can involve promotional campaigns, music, storytelling or inspirational work. Now is a good time to keep some moments for reflection. Visit museums, libraries, take a vacation or in some way, get in touch with nature. If you are sensitive, do not indulge in addictive products.
Communication with professional people is stimulating this morning. There could be an employee review that could lead to a raise soon. Talk of work improvement and productivity will dominate the lunch hour. There could be talk about your personal aims and goals for the future. You may want greater freedom of self-expression at this time--unusual and new experiences become available now. You can meet interesting, dynamic people in creative or technological fields and can develop new friendships. Your personal magnetism draws you to others. You may wish to break from your usual routine and improve a skill or talent. With your new self-awareness and resolve, you can assume a leadership role among your colleagues.
Your optimistic attitude and self-respect open the door for professional growth and social expansion. You seem to be in the right place at the right time--all week long. You find the right answer, the right equipment and the right people to solve, fix or provide the tools you need to achieve. Good luck helps you progress toward your financial and professional goals for now. Thinking things through, accounting for all the details and making careful measurements is a natural for you and keeps you active and involved. This time is favorable for travel, learning, creative activities and romantic opportunities. Also, this time is favorable for cultural, religious and legal matters. Generosity, financial gain, hospitality and favors may be bestowed upon you.

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