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Sunday, June 10, 2012

Creative “Big Head” Photo Manipulations

Creative “Big Head” Photo Manipulations
It’s all started from Christopher Huet, a talented manipulation master who wants to have some serious fun on the human’s head, and he did it very successfully by making it bigger, yeah, just bigger. And what really shocks is just by enlarging the head, it’s really enough to make one burst out laughing!

And you know, interesting idea spreads really fast in the Internet. Many Photoshop experts who have some funny nerves saw the works, had some laughs, and they created their own version and, even funnier big head manipulation! So expect nothing but laugh, craziness and great manipulation skill in this post, then spread them like virus, let everyone have a good laugh today!

Another Big Headache. It’s all the fault of the fork! But what makes my head so big, by the way? (Image Source: Patrick Hoff)
All These Things In My Head. “I’ve got so many things in my head. Too many things indeed. I usually try to do everything at a time and I end up by doing nothing entirely. And I get stuck.” (Image Source: Diego da Silva)
“Backpain”. What happened with his back? I guess it’s because of his head… the face expression makes the portrayed situation so realistic! (Image Source: ewilman)
Big Head. Be careful and don’t turn even a bit, it’s gonna break your neck! (Image Source: Glenn Karlsen)
Big Head (Part II). “This is my brother with his head in his kid’s playpen. He needs his rest sometimes.” (Image Source: Glenn Karlsen)
Big Head Girl. Apparently the big head virus not only spread to boys! (Image Source: Christophe Huet)
Big Heads. Bigger head, ability to levitate… is that the bright future of us humans? (Image Source: lookibx)
Big Head In The Hospital. I guess doctor will come immediately if anyone of the hospital saw him, or specifically, his big head. (Image Source: stefan-fotografiert)
Big Head In The Hospital – 2nd. “Nobody? Really? Guess I have to see doctor myself.” (Image Source: stefan-fotografiert)
Burden Of Proof. You’ll never have too much burden until you get a ridiculous-sized big head. (Image Source: STUDIO JONA)
Cabezón en la Sala. You probably have to buy the special chair for the sake of your comfort. The face expression is nice! (Image Source: Sannder)
Calling Client. The advantage of conversation though phone is that your clients won’t see the pose while you are calling with them. (Image Source: Christophe Huet)
Having Lunch. Carelessly smashed our head into the food, oh my. (Image Source: Christophe Huet)
Home Alone. Perhaps this is so-called home sick? (Image Source: timothy.holt)
It’s All Gone To My Head. Perhaps you need to find a special cup for your special head. (Image Source: Craig Sharp)
Look At You. Love the emotion of this shot, looks like he’s telling something… what do you think? (Image Source: Patrick Hoff)
Positive Comments Gave Me A Big Head. Must say this one is very well executed in terms of its reality, look at his chair and shoes, and the face sticks the table very well! (Image Source: Josh Sommers)
Too Much Knowledge. They say you need a bigger head for more knowledge storage, is this enough? (Image Source: timothy.holt)
Uninspired And Fed Up. “Well I was all out inspiration for todays shot… so I sat in the garden enjoying the fine weather we are having… and decided that would be today’s shot.” (Image Source: Craig Sharp)
Walk With The Dog. It’s not an easy task, especially with a head that’s 4X bigger than the dog! (Image Source: stefan-fotografiert)

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