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Sunday, May 27, 2012

TEN Dangerous Lakes on earth

TEN Dangerous Lakes on earth

1. Karachay Lake

2. Lake Rakshastal

3. Boiling lake

4. Lake Monoun

5. Lake Kivu, Rwanda

6. Mount Rainier Crater Lake, Washington

Mount Rainier’s crater lake, the highest crater lake in North America, lies beneath the ice in the west summit crater and it can only be reached by following a network of ice caves in the craters. The water in the crater lake creates sulfuric acid (sulfur dioxide combined with the water) that is eating into the volcanic rock of Mount Rainier. Most volcanic rocks you find anywere else in the world are strong, but in parts of this mountain it can easily crumble in your hand. If the rock were to collapse in any area, it would cause a slurry of mud, rock and ice, or so called â€œlahars,” that can be deadly because of their energy and speed, causing catastrophic destruction in their path. The collapse of the rock would also breach the crater lake, letting loose tons of water within it. Mount Rainier and it’s crater lake are considered a serious threat to people in Seattle, which is only 87 km away from the mountain.

7. Mono Lake, California, USA

8. Horseshoe Lake, California, USA

9. Yellowstone, USA

Researching fascinating Yellowstone Lake in Yellowstone National Park, placed in the active volcanic region, scientists have found a new way that crater lakes can kill. When they mapped the floor of Yellowstone Lake, they discovered a dome (said to be the size of seven football fields) on the bottom of the lake. The dome is caused by water heated under the lake bed, which when expands, builds up pressure and creates the dome. The scientists fear there is a real hazard of what is known as â€œhydrothermal explosions.” Those explosions occur when water that feeds the geysers of Yellowstone is explosively flashed to steam, breaking rocks and throwing them into the air. In the history of Yellowstone few large hydrothermal explosions occurred, some leaving craters thousands of meters across the lake as well as in other areas of the park. Although such an explosion last time occurred several thousand years ago, it is said that even a small earthquake could be a trigger for the similar one.

10. Lake Nyos, Cameroon

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