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Sunday, April 1, 2012

Some Cool Photoshop...Drowning in a Light Bulb

Drowning in a Light Bulb

"Started with a light bulb ... and thinking what Photo Manipulation I could do with it. To add water and some fish - that's already done several times. Water is good. So far so good ! No fish ... let's add people. People don't breath under water (dooh !) so .. let's drown somebody ! After that just add some more elements to the image.
That's how this photo manipulation came to life :). We will be combining different images to produce a zero cool photoshop composition that will show you how to perform some basic photoshop techniques like image extraction, image resizing, and image deletion. Some cool photoshop tricks on how to mask an object in an image and make it looked like it's an original part of the other image are also revealed on this Photoshop Tutorial."

Open the image with the girl. Using Pen Tool or Magnetic Tool - whatever works best for you, cut the girl and paste her in the project.

Use Free Transform Tool to position her in the bulb.
Open the image with the glass. You will need this image mostly for the upper part of the red liquid. Place the image in the project.

Use Free Transform Tool to make the glass fit the shape of the light bulb. Reduce the opacity of this layer for a better view of what's happening under it.

Now let's use the Liquify Filter to make the glass fit more. Go to Filter - Liquify. Apply the settings below, so you can see the changes you'll make to the images.

Take the Forward Warp Tool, set the brush size to about 234 pixels.

Now try to give to the glass the light bulb's shape. If you need to undo one step (or more) you can use Ctrl + Z or you can use the tool right under the one you're using now - Reconstruct Tool - and brush over the parts you want to undo.
Leave some space between the bulb and the red liquid to give the bulb some thickness. After you're done click OK and Photoshop will apply your changes.

Use the "Add Layer Mask" icon from the bottom of the Layer Palette and using a black color and the Brush Tool, mask the top and the bottom of the glass. Now you'll reveal the light bulb. In my case I had to mask over the margins of the glass too.

Don't worry about the bottom of the glass. You'll put an image there, so it doesn't have to be perfect right now.
Take this image with the boat - which is made by me, when I was in Croatia, last year. Drag it in your design. Resize the image and flip it horizontal.

Set the Blend Mode for this layer to Multiply. Use the mask again, to create the impression that the image is inside the light bulb.

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