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Sunday, March 11, 2012


Can you put a price on being nice? The chances are you already have. When you go to a restaurant, do you sometimes tip a little bit more if the serving staff were extra nice/professional/helpful? When you shop somewhere and the assistants are nice (not pushy) and give good advice, you go back next time, right?
Although you cant always equate these experiences to exact amounts, it is easy to see the value in being nice.
Of course, sitting herein frontof my computer it is easy to say these things, and reading them you may well agree, but out in the real world, when we are running at a million miles an hour, it is not always quite so obvious.

Weve all been there, trying to do 5 things at once, only to get an email or take a phone-call from a customer (or potential customer) with a question. Thats when we need to remember the value of being nice.

In actual fact, the value of being nice far outstrips the cost of being nice. If you go out of your way to be helpful the customer will remember it. Whether you reap the benefit of this now or later, either way it will be remembered.

Let me add a small story. This is a true story. In 1998, I (Sherrie Holland)was working at Johns Hopkins as an Administrative Manager. I left my office to go to the ladies room and found one of our medical residents sobbing. I sat and talked with her for a while and tried to give her encouragement.

The next morning, she arrived at my office with a little box of Godiva chocolates and a very heartwarming note, thanking me and telling me how much my pep talk had helped her and that she knew shed be fine now.
I sat at my computer and wrote the following, and after printing in a large font, taped it to my wall as a reminder:
It costs nothing to be nice. But the dividends are priceless.

The same can be applied if you are not so helpful, always remember that.

The actual cost of being helpful is zero, or close to it. If you can greet every request, every phonecall and every email in the same positive manner it really does not cost you anything, but the rewards can be immense!

So next time the phone rings or you hear the chime of a new mail arriving, remember the value of being nice, its worth it, I promise!

Let me add anAwesome old classic sung by Mukesh from the film Anari (1959) .

Music by Shankar Jaikishan, Beautiful lyrics by one of myFavouritewriter Shailendra.

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