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Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Good Morning..Have a Nice Day, Full of Joy, Love and Peace

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People are bereft of gratitude, which is not right. One should be grateful for the help they have received from others as long as one is alive. There are two things you must forget: the help you have rendered to others and the harm others have done to you. If you remember the help you have rendered, you will always expect something in return. Remembrance of the harm done to you by others generates in you a sense of revenge. You should remember only the help you received from others. The one with these sacred qualities is an ideal human being. Love is God, love is Nature, love is life and love is the true human value. Bereft of love, one is equivalent to a corpse. Love even the worst of your enemies. Lead a life filled with love. Then you will experience joy, peace and security in your heart.
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