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Sunday, March 25, 2012

Amazing Digital Hand Watch..

iWatch 2–Checkout This Amazing Digital Hand Watch That Will Blow Your Mind Away [Concept Pictures]

Ever imagined a digital watch that is just not a watch but your personal assistant for everything. Imagine it as a phone on your wrist enabled to do everything a smart computer can do. yeah something that was once science fiction or only done by the centurions. So checkout the amazing prrof of concept of the beautiful watch of the future.


  • WiFi and Bluetooth

  • Integrated RSS Reader

  • 32GB;

  • Weather forecast system;

  • Possibility to connect with Bluetooth or WiFi to iPhone / iPad

  • LCD projector to show everywhere pictures by your iPhone / iPad

  • Frontal face camera;

Now iWatch2 is like a jewel, in its black slide-to-open-box, with a new slim design:

  • polycarbonate main body;

  • alluminum chassis;

  • PK2 Kevlar insert;

  • Bracelet in 5 colors with polycarbonate insert;

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