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Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Jeet Singh Grandson of Shaheed Udham Singh..Pls. See His Condition


Anonymous said...

Very well said and posted but i am afraid no minister will do anything bcz they are not concern with common ppl pain ,They only after money fame and women feel sorry to say we are living in this country .

Anonymous said...

क्या भाजपा के शासन में सरदार जीत सिंह बहुत खुश थे क्या ????

Anonymous said...

Sheedo ki kurbani unki galti thi. Kaash Un logo ne Congress ke netao se kuch seekha hota to Unke bache be aaj Minister hote . Nahi to kam se kam 10-15000 crore ke malik to jaroor hote. Har saal unke poto ke be Samdhi per PM President Phool chadete.

Jaswant Kaleke said...

I request everyone to go to the link provided below and sign the petition. Also, Share it on your Facebook accounts so that we can reach our Goal soon. Thanks

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