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Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Whom are we ruled by? Bastards?


Anonymous said...

SIR,As per the above information RAJIV Gandhi Himself is a cross bread of Hindu muslim(INdira-Ferojkhan)At that time I came to know that Hindus opposed for this marriage.But As Gandhiwas alive He added tags to them and then onwards they are being treated as Rahul as another crossbreed for a Europian and Hidu mUslim crossbreed.Then How can you Expect Fair Thoughts for Them.Our Hindu nation likes Dynasty rule of a person whether He/She may be born to a servant and the prince

Anonymous said...

Very poor mentality of the researcher.

Anonymous said...

Not poor mentality, it is the truth which cannot be changed. Every word is a truth here.

Anonymous said...

can you peoples fight for the price rise corruption unjustice .
help poors , can make this group as a platform to fight against polotical parties , give awareness to pupil to avoid voting in favour of polotical parties. and ask them to elect non polotical good nationals to rule our country. select 1000 peoples from each and every city from india to go for satya graha against these thier respective governments. can we do this? let see how many peoples will answer here.

Anonymous said...

Sachchai Hamesha kadvi to raheti hai but kadvi kyu lagati hai ?

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