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Friday, September 2, 2011

सोनिया गांधी के सपने में महात्मा गांधीजी आकर बोले ( When Gandhiji came in Sonia Gandhi's Dream)

When Gandhi ji came in Sonia Gandhi's Dream
एक दिन सोनिया गांधी के सपने में महात्मा गांधीजी आकर बोले ,"मैने मरते समय कॉंग्रेस को सादगी, ईमानदारी , टोपी, चश्मा और डंडा दिया था, कहॉं है वो?"

सोनिया ने अत्यंत विनम्रता से कहा,"टोपी तो राहुल लोगों को पहना रहा है. सादगी मेरे और प्रियंका के पास है. चश्मा मनमोहन के पास है. ईमानदारी स्विस और ईटली के बैंक में सेफ है और डंडा आम आदमी की सेवा में लगा रखा है.......


Anonymous said...

what a comment, pl keep it up,

Anonymous said...

Sir It is Quite Disgrace to have such a Muff as our P.M.He became a servant of Madam.When he cannot control His own Ministry What is his role?
can we suspect that he is also involved in any one or all the scams to make money or is it his incapability of Administration?Man is not permanent but his actions are lasting for a long Time.can we suspect that SONIA is making money under the shadow of These set of Rouges and Misfits as Loyalists?

Anonymous said...

Nice Criticsim.
They all are deserved for these

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