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Friday, September 2, 2011


Since Ganeshji represents auspiciousness, his whole being has symbolic imports for devotees: Large ears - signify listening to God's katha with great zeal. Small eyes - to do the Lord's darshan minutely. Large forehead - to develop great intellect to realise God.Large stomach - depicts his great capacity to empathise with the woes of devotees.Short legs - depicts patience.Long trunk - symbolic of his deep scriptural wisdom.Mouse as vehicle - a hyperactive creature, symbolic of our indriyas. Therefore Ganesh sitting on such a vehicle represents a deity of control over the indriyas.Four arms - which hold: 'ankush' - symbol for control over the mind 'ladu' - for happiness 'pash' - axe to punish the indriyas and antahkaran 'ashirvad mudra' - blessings for the well being of humanityDepending on the role of Ganapati, the number of arms varies, as do the type of objects.

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