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Thursday, June 9, 2011


    But now, even though she is a follower of his yoga, the actress disapproves of Ramdev’s campaign,which has been dubbed as having a political agenda. Shilpa says she started following Ramdev for his yoga. “My mom used to watch him on television, and I got hooked on to him as well. I really loved the selfless work he was doing for people. I am a yoga follower and practise it too. I met him for the first time to gift him my yoga DVD, and he was very impressed. I was the first person from Bollywood to come out with a yoga DVD and fitness concept. He blessed me. I associate myself with and un
derstand the science of yoga, but I don’t understand the political part. For me it was a continuity jerk when I switched on the TV and saw him staging a dharna.His entire image for me is related to yoga, but that he’s politically inclined too is news for me.” 


Bhaskar Mittal said...

His view are not political. He is not interested in meeting any politician, may it be Sonja Gandhi or anybody.
He has pointed out few things and needs these to be addressed.
1. So many foreign banks (including well known corrupt Swiss banks) have opened in India. Even the European nations have kicked out their representatives when they came for discussions. Why India has given them licenses.
2. Black money - get it back to India.
3. Many British and American companies supply garbage food (KFC, McDonnalds, Pizza Pizza). These foods have negative impact on body, and their products sell by hype advertisements. Baba is right.
4. Stop use of Artificial fertilizers, produce Organic. Even Western countries including US, Canada have realized this and implemented it.
But for Indians, they suggest what get money to West.
5. Western medicines are very expensive. Minimize use of these medicines.
6. Buy from Indian owned manufacturers.
7. The education system imposed by British is still in place. Why? World has gone for practical, better education syllabus. Why not India? It is presently more of burden on child rather than fun and learning.
8. Politicians, Film Stars, Cricketers, Industrialist are the so called elite people. Farmers, salaried workers are having hell of time.
9. More needs to be invested in R&D within India.
10. Stop wasting Billions in Govt. contracts with USA, UK, Russia and China. No gain for Common people of India. Only political leaders gain in that.
11. Copy good things of Western ideas (which are very few). Indian values and culture, ancient education system - Dont underestimate them.

Anonymous said...

Baba must stay away from hot stuff.

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