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Thursday, June 2, 2011

An Apartment That Dances.

An Apartment That Dances
The dancing apartments in South Korea were built to create the illusion that it in moving or dancing when a person who is passing by looks at it. The structure is the brain child of Yoonu Guyot Yang. Yang says his inspiration for building the apartment came from watching the movie Transformers. He wanted to create a 3D structure that looked like it was moving like the robots and transformers in the movie. Yang has created this unique design not only with the design in mind but also keeping in mind the comfort and convenience of the people who will occupy the apartment complex. The apartment has a lot of greenery surrounding it and also has a lot of open terraces. The building who also have a lot of space for creative activities because it is said to inspire creative people. Music studios, lecture halls and art galleries will also be placed inside the structure.

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