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Saturday, May 14, 2011



Looking  For  Love


I've  spent  a lifetime  looking  for you

Single  bars and  good time lovers, never  ture

Playing  a fools game, hoping to win

Telling  thoes sweet  lies  and losing again.

I  was  looking  for love in all the wrong places

Looking  for love in too many faces

Searching  your eyes, looking  for traces

Of what... I'm dreaming  of...

Hopin" to find a friend and a lover

God Bless  the day  I discover

Another  heart, looking for love.

When  I  was  alone then, no love in sight

And  I did  everything  I could  to get me through  the night

Don't  know  where it started  or where it might end

I   turn  to a stranger, just like a friend.

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