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Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Hi Tech Rosetta Stone Universal Translator.

Hi Tech Rosetta Stone Universal Translator

1799, the Rosetta Stone was providentially discovered, there're three languages engraved on the stone: Greek, ancient Egyptian and common Egyptian, by it people opened the door to the study of ancient Egyptian, it become an important archaeological milestone in studying of ancient Egypt. Since then, the Rosetta Stone is another name for the universal languages communication of mankind, I think this Universal Translator is specifically designed for travel and can be considered a Rosetta Stone, it has three modes – Window, Text and Speech. Window mode enables user to understand better, Text mode enables user to translate text phrases and the Speech Mode can translate spoken word. Built-in updated Wikipedia and wireless Internet access. With light shape it's easy to slip in pocket, or even business card holder. It's what you must have when you're going to travel around the world! Designer of this concept gadget is Rachel Ilan Simpson.

Chetan Bhatt

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