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Wednesday, May 18, 2011

8 Food Orders to Strengthen Your Memory

Holes of memory, learning difficulties, decreased concentration … are concerns that can occur at any age and more or less temporarily. Exercise, training the brain and social activities are all ways to maintain our memory, but diet also plays an important role.

Strengthen your memory through food supply

A healthy food allows us to maintain our brain, but we can also, at any age, boosting our performance brain maximizing our contributions food. And good news, the 8 instructions listed below are also excellent for preventing many diseases (diseases cardiovascular, diabetes, cancer …).

1. Take a full breakfast. Prefer whole grains. Avoid added sugars (white sugar, chocolate spread, jam …) and fatty foods (sausages, fried …). The brain then has all the nutrients and energy (slow carbohydrates) necessary for its optimal functioning, and it also avoids the sudden fatigue intellectual in the late morning.

2. At breakfast, avoid refined carbohydrates: white bread, white rice, pasta, semolina … and potatoes. Prioritize proteins (poultry, fish …) and vegetables. Also avoid sweet desserts. Refined and simple sugars are quickly absorbed by the body, which then promotes decreases in attention, concentration and performance intellectual in the afternoon.

3. Dinner refined carbohydrates are allowed. Rapid assimilation, they promote resting in the evening, necessary for the proper functioning of the brain and the consolidation of learning.

4. Avoid overeating. Focusing conversely, low calorie snacks. If necessary make small snacks in the morning and afternoon (fresh or dried fruits, dairy sweet little …). And why not keep his dessert for a snack lunch in the afternoon?

5. Eating omega-3 by eating fish three times a week (mackerel, sardines, salmon …) but also some nuts like almonds or brazil nuts, and even rapeseed oils and nuts. The omega-3 fatty acids are entering the membrane composition of our neurons. Thus, omega-3 are essential for the proper functioning of our brain and they help prevent Alzheimer's disease.

6. Eat lots of fruits and vegetables. They bring good dose of vitamins, some of which are antioxidants and protect our brain.

7. Iron, which is often lacking in women, also plays an important role. It was he involved in the transport of oxygen to the brain. Red meat, offal and blood sausage are foods rich in iron, but there is also this element in shellfish, green vegetables, cereals and legumes.

8. Finally, dehydration can cause a decrease in concentration. We must therefore ensure drink sufficiently and regularly throughout the day.

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